Peter Uehlinger – Vocals, Guitars
Peter Uehlinger is from the very north of Switzerland. One day he started to strum away at the guitar. Soon he bought his first guitar, a red Fender Stratocaster. Most of the guitarist try to improve their instruments, change pickups and so on. That's what he also did. But he developed his skills and nowadays, he makes almost all of his instruments on his own, completely handcrafted. Some of them are displayed here.

And he still strums away at his many instruments and from time to time, he finds a new song.

And Peter Uehlinger also plays the guitar and other stringed instruments in Richard Dobson's band. Richard is a legendary Singer/Songwriter from Texas.

Peter Uehlinger - Vocals, Guitars

David Bollinger – Keyboards

David Bollinger is the youngest member of this band, so he lowers the average age a little bit, which is just great. He is a trained sound engineer; he studied at the «Zürcher Hochschule der Künste», Zurich Switzerland. So he is responsible for most technical aspects. He also plays the keyboard with the famous Swiss band Rathole.

David Bollinger - Keyboards

Adrian Uhr - Bass
Actually Adrian Uhr is a rhythm teacher and a teacher of handicapped children. He is trained on piano, percussion and double bass. He performs music on stage, in theatres and churches. He plays every music style: Classical music, jazz, pop, folk and so on.

Adrian Uhr - Bass

Urs Bringolf - Drums
Urs Bringolf was born in 1966 and started to play the drums when he was 11. He studied music at the Jazz School St. Gallen Switzerland.
He has been working as a professional since 1991 and plays the drums in several bands.

He also teaches drums and percussion in Schaffhausen Switzerland.

Urs Bringolf - Drums

Markus Bollinger - Guitars, other Stringed Instruments
Markus Bollinger is a trained guitarist. He attended the Jazz Schools in Lucerne and St. Gallen, Switzerland, The Musicians Institute in Los Angeles California USA and the Folkehöiskole in Nordfjordeid Norway.

Nowadays he plays with an awful lot of local bands in Schaffhausen Switzerland:
Shaky Ground (Blues)
Chets Choice (Jazz)
Stefan Christinger Trio (Jazz)
Bernie Ruch Quartett (Jazz)
Tonum Bigband SH
Kosimo + Soulfood (HipHop)
Voice & Guitar (Blues, Jazz, Folk)

And he also plays a lot in other projects like musicals, circus, choirs and so on.

Markus Bollinger - Guitars, other Stringed Instruments

Marianne Lehmann – Vocals, Percussion
Marianne Lehmann is a trained singer. She attended the Jazz School Lucerne Switzerland and the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles California USA.
She has been working live on stage or in the studio as a lead singer and background singer for a long time. She also teaches singing.

At the moment you can see her live on stage with Peter Uehlinger and tonuM.

Marianne Lehmann - Vocals, Percussion

Stefan Vonäsch - Keyboards, Accordion


Stefan Vonäsch - Keyboards, Accordion

Christoph Bürgin - Guitars, Bouzouki, Slides
Singer Songwriter born in 1957. His musical roots are laying in Schaffhausen Switzerland, Bern Switzerland and Westport Ireland. He played as a busker in theatres and folk rock and jazz with the band called mixtüür. He was on the road with different Swiss German singers.
He likes Peter Uehlinger's songs and therefore he enjoys playing in this fantastic band. He also works on his own musical project.

Christoph Bürgin - Guitars, Bouzouki, Slides

Jogi Brunner – Keyboards, Accordion 2009-2011

Jogi Brunner is a little bit of a dinosaur in the local music scene in Schaffhausen Switzerland. When he was 9, he learned to play the accordion. On listening to the Beatles and to the Rolling Stones he decided to change the instrument and learned to play the piano.
Nowadays he plays almost every instrument you can think of. And he always plays the Blues in a lot of different bands, too many to mention.

At the moment you can see him on stage with Shaky Ground and a few other bands.

Jogi Brunner - Keyboards, Accordion 2009-2011

Peter Demmerle – Guitars, Bouzouki 2009-2011

Peter Demmerle - Guitars, Bouzouki 2009-2011